Too long in China!

Hab gerade von nem Freund eine Liste bekommen – Titel „Too long in China“…

Ich muss einfach mal die besten Schmankerl hier reinstellen, denn es ist einfach SO wahr…:

…how do you notice that you’ve spend too much time in China…?

1. You enjoy karaoke

2. All white people look the same to you

7. You like the smell of the bus.

8. You find state-employed retail staff helpful, knowledgeable and friendly

9. You no longer need tissues to blow your nose

10. You find western toilets uncomfortable

11. You throw your used toilet paper in the basket (as a courtesy to the next person)
12. You think that the heavy air actually contains valuable nutrients that you need to stay healthy

13. You think a 30 year old woman who carries a Hello Kitty lunch box is cute

14. A sexual pervert is a man who prefers women to money.

15. Its OK to throw rubbish, including old fridges, from your 18th-floor window

16. You believe that pressing the lift button 63 times will make it move faster

27. You feel cheated if you don’t receive a full head and shoulder massage when getting a haircut

28. You blow your nose or spit on the restaurant floor (of course after making a loud hocking noise)

29. You no longer wait in line, but go immediately to the head of the queue

30. It becomes exciting to see if you can get on the lift before anyone can get off

33. You accept the fact that you have to queue to get a number for the next queue

34. You believe everything you read in the local newspaper

35. You have developed an uncontrollable urge to follow people carrying small flags

36. You regard it as part of the adventure when the waiter correctly repeats your order and the cook makes something completely different.

37. You are not surprised when three men with a ladder show up to change a light bulb
38. You look over people’s shoulder to see what they are reading

39. You honk your horn at people because they are in your way as you drive down the sidewalk

43. You have a pinky fingernail an inch long

44. You burp in any situation and don’t care

49. You have absolutely no sense of traffic rules

52. The last time you visited your mother, you gave her your business card

55. When looking out the window, you think “Wow, so many trees!” instead of “Wow, so much concrete!”

56. Pollution, what pollution?

57. You think “white pills, blue pills, and pink powder” is an adequate answer to the question “What are you giving me, doctor?”  

Göttlich – aber sowas von wahr 🙂


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